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MACOMA™ FN NANO® Photocatalytic Air Disinfection System allows schools, hospitals, airports, and any public facility, to environmentally disinfect surfaces, and remain open  with a non-chemical photocatalytic physical reaction that  eliminates almost all airborne viruses.



Tests on E.Coli microorganisms demonstrated that the antimicrobial mechanism of photocatalysis achieves a 99.994% reduction in the concentration of the microorganism within 1 hour. FN NANO® is an integral part of the Photcatalytic Air Purifying System that combines the  natural catalytic properties of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nano-crystals with daylight or artificial UV-A light  to produce the physical effect called photocatalysis. This physical and mechanical effect safely destroys harmful bacteria and viruses. Plus, the photocatalytic effect converts harmful polluting gases into clean, safe air.


Protection against Covid 19 and Other viruses and Bacterial Infections:

MACOMA™ FN NANO® Photocatalytic Air Disinfection System exploits the natural catalyst properties of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nano-crystals by exposing them to daylight or artificial UVA light (at least 20µW / cm2). This creates a photocatalytic effect that converts harmful pollutants, microbes and viruses into clean, safe air.



Our Photocatalytic Film/System meets all legislative, technical and hygienic requirements of the United States.

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