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5 Tips for Creating a Happy Multigenerational Household

Maybe you, your children, and your parents have all moved into the same home. You’re excited to have your whole family together, but you’re also trying to figure out how to best balance everyone’s needs and respect their boundaries within a multigenerational household. A Plus Installation can help you update your home’s blinds and window treatments with privacy in mind! Plus, here’s how to keep up with home maintenance, delegate chores, and even start a brand-new family business!

Use a Home Maintenance Scheduling App

When you’re living in a multigenerational household with lots of family members, it’s inevitable that your home will undergo some wear and tear. However, when you have so many people living under the same roof, it’s easy for one individual to assume that someone else will simply handle a maintenance issue. With a helpful home maintenance and repair app, family members can schedule contractor visits when they notice a problem.

You have a few handyman app options. A comprehensive app will let you book service appointments from your phone, assess the status of ongoing repairs, and even see key details about your home systems and appliances. You’ll be able to conveniently connect with contractors and get their quotes for repairs or maintenance projects.

Consider Starting a Family Business

If you’re all living at the same address, this might be the perfect time to launch a family business! Even when you’re running a business with trusted family members, you want to ensure that you’ve implemented proper financial and legal protections. That’s why it’s a good idea to register for LLC status, which will grant you limited liability, flexibility, and helpful tax breaks. You can skip out on high lawyer fees by filing on your own or submitting your required documents to an online formation service. Prior to choosing a service, just make sure to read the reviews to determine it’s the right fit for your needs.

Give Everyone Privacy

In a multigenerational household, it’s important to go the extra mile to protect everyone’s privacy. You may want to invest in decor and home features that can help soundproof spaces. Furthermore, upgrading your current blinds, shades, and window treatments is also a smart idea. With curtains and shades, your family members can block out unwanted light and keep their rooms warm or cool, depending on the weather.

Delegate Chores Fairly

When it comes to doing chores in a multigenerational household, everyone should be pitching in! Family Handyman recommends having a family meeting to discuss which chores need to be done and how often and then creating a calendar with clear assignments. If kids are involved, you can design a cute “chore chart” and check off boxes or add stickers when they’ve done their tasks!

Schedule Regular Family Dinners

Maybe everyone in your family has different schedules. Finding opportunities to catch up as a group can be tough! That’s why scheduling family dinners a couple of times per week is key. Bright Horizons states that having regularfamily dinners gives everyone a chance to bond, make memories, learn more about each other, and share their experiences. You can even rotate cooking responsibilities, which allows everyone to share their favorite dishes with each other!

Life in a multigenerational household has benefits and drawbacks. But if you organize your home and schedules properly, this arrangement can be a gift for everyone. With these tips, you’ll be able to tackle household maintenance, daily chores, and even entrepreneurship!

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